Balestrand Adventure

Balestrand adventures are an experienced provider in Balestrand, in the heart of the Sognefjord region. They sell down-to-earth experiences based on the history and nature of the Sognefjord.

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Balestrand Fjord Angling

Experience more than just fishing. Stunning vistas around every corner, as far as eye can see. Culture. Educational. High mountains, Running water & Clean Air...

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The view

From Balestrand and 40 minutes drive you will find the spectacular viewpoint on Gaularfjellet.

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Balestrand lagoon

A short walk from our apartments you will find Balestrand swimming lagoon. The swimming lagoon is a family-friendly area where children and adults can swim and relax.

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Balestrand Cider House

Balestrand cider house is located in Balestrand, a small walk from the pier and Kviknes Hotel. Balholm is their brand for fruit and berry drinks - cooked with a large portion of passion! In the summer, you can join in the tasting of cider and learn how to distill or cook sparkling cider in the traditional way. You can shop in the farm shop or have a meal in the restaurant.

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Balestrand has wonderful hiking trails for those who either want a longer hike to Raudmelen, or fantastic Keipen, or for those who want a short trip to Orrabenken. We have provided a map below containing hiking trails in the area.

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